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ALM - New Music Review
Austin Native Lindsay Wells aka "LynZ" breaks out with her new EP "Dream With Me"
By Greg Testerman with inserts by Roger Len Smith

What happens when you mix amazing talent, a beautiful face, a strong personality, and off the charts creativity? Well, you come up with something just like Austin native Lindsay "LynZ" Wells.

This talented rising star was born to sing and perform. At the age of three, she began singing at her family church. She's performed at contests, sporting events, dancehalls and clubs all over Texas. LynZ graduated from the liberal arts school Belmont University in Nashville and took vocal lessons from professional vocal coach Kim Wood Sandusky (whose resume includes Beyonce'). LynZ took advantage of her time in Music City USA working with both Toby Keith and Wynonna Judd's management companies, harvested working relationships with many seasoned Nashville musicians and songwriters. She began singing demos and performing at showcases, including the legendary Nashville venue, the Bluebird Cafe. LynZ is a great performer but an excellent song writer as well...

"I love writing," she says. "It's an outlet, a way to express and get everything out. It's an emotional process and if you can put that into a song, you can have something meaningful that people can relate to. Let's admit it, we're all a little broken at times and I feel like people can relate to what I'm singing about."

I've had the pleasure of seeing Lindsay play live and I would like to suggest getting out and catching one of her fun, live shows. She often plays venues like Cedar Street Courtyard, The Saxon Pub, and other intimate venues that match well with her performance style and great connection with the audience. She's got a hot new band and new music to share...

Lets talk about the new CD..."Dream With Me". The new album contains 6 quality songs, straight from Lindsay's heart.

Track 1: Air 4:32
This one reflects the "Big" sound of Lindsay's new direction "Rock N Soul". These vocals come from a deep place. The song offers some twists, curves and a few fun surprises.

Track 2: Break 4:24
LynZ slows things down for us with this soulful and relaxing tune...love the piano and backing vocals...Again, strong vocals and excellent lead guitar too!!!

Track 3: Last Chance 4:23
LynZ tells it like it is with this catchy offering. Great beat ...makes you wanna move.

Track 4: Nothing But Lies 4:18
My personal favorite. Love the guitar work and again, outstanding vocals and arrangement. Already played this one several times today...Reminds me of Austin, Texas.

Track 5: Mama's Favorite 4:18
Excellent musicianship again with this one...Ha! A catchy tune obviously from Lindsay's diary. A fun tune with a cool beat. Great guitar licks by Bobby Cervantez!!!

Track 6: All Love Is 4:24
A great arrangement including great harmonies and a friendly beat. A great finish.

The overall tone of the new EP is perfect for Lindsay's style and I can't say enough about her vocals overall...However, she has surrounded herself with great musicians here and this is very relevant to the sound of "Dream With Me". All songs are well balanced and unique but are written with lots of emotion straight from the heart.........GT

Members: Lindsay Wells-Vocals, Eddie Schmidt-Guitars, Phil Redmond-Keys-Programmer, Bobby Cervantez -Guitars, Kris Key-Piano, Organ, Synth, Synth bass, Percussion, Jake Langley Guitars on "Break", Autry Welch, Background Vocals, Daniel Welch, Background Vocals

Manager: Ray Steward
You can purchase "Dream With Me" using the links below -

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